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The new GV240i combines agility, convenience and economy at the treatment time. Get a seed treatment without damage and waste on your property. Raise the level of your crop by raising the level of your seed treatment, have a Grazmec´s machine.


  • Treatment chamber Spraying system, powered by its own silo and with the programmable seed supply;
  • Snail with rubberized coating preserving the quality of the seed, that is, there is no damage;
  • Rubberized details in the internal seed exit system;
  • Capacity up to 180 kg / min (soybean) and yield 10,000 kg / h (soybean, continuous flow);
  • The design of the machine, with integrated front and new sliding front lungs, avoiting other investments.
  • Electronic aggregation (digital) system that prevents contact operator with the products and a regulation, simple to operate;
  • The system performs a dosage automatically as programmed via the Touch Screen, both the volume of seeds and the syrups;
  • Provide homogenization, using precise dosages without generating waste via exclusive flowmeter peristaltic pump;
  • Management system that stores the volume data of the products used;
  • have login and password for up to 10 treatments recipes without system;
  • For the digital control of the system there is a mobile totem, making the layout of the machine more flexible;
  • Intelligent alert system when a seed and the syrup reaches the end, for refueling, so there is never a waste thing;
  • Powder application (drying powder or graphite);
  • Four reservoirs of syrup with a capacity of 60 liters each, in polyethylene.
  • Peristaltic pumps can be connected directly to IBCs;
  • Integrated dust collection system, including cyclone and manga filters;
  • Cleaning is also facilitated by a machine with an ability to track waste drainage;
  • Optional: Switches for IBC. 01 powder box
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Technical Specifications
Width: 2.8m;
Height: 3.57m;
Length: 5,04m;
Weight (approx.): 1,680 kg;
Height of the liquid tank: 1,12m;
Lung Silo Capacity: 3,000 liters;
Number of liquid reservoirs: 4 units;
Amount of reservoir powder: 1 unit;
Liquid reservoir capacity: 60 liters each;
Treatment capacity: 180 kg / min (10,000 kg / hour with continuous flow of soy);
Treatment system: digital (Touch Screen);
Treatment chamber: 1CV electric motor;
Homogenization snail: 2CV reduction motor;
Types of treatment: Liquids: inoculants, defenses, fungicides, micronutrients. Powder: graphite or dryers;
Power supply: Three-phase 380 Volts.
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