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  • 22.08.2017
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How to produces more!

How to produces more!

Seed treatment is one of the most important stages in the process of a crop, because if it is not done well at the beginning with quality machines, the farmer will end up having losses at the time of harvest, so a well-treated seed Produces more, and Grazmec for more than 30 years has been researching, designing, testing and marketing machines that reduce seed risk and damage to the maximum.


Grazmec seed treatment machines are pioneers in the use of rubber screws, which protect the seeds against mechanical damage. The entire OnFarm and Industrial line, which uses conveyor screws and homogenizers, are equipped with this system. All Grazmec machines are designed to protect the seed at the time of treatment, so the farmer has a high productivity gain because the treatment is performed on quality machines.


The design of the Grazmec seed treatment machines is designed to avoid as much as possible the excessive movement and crushing of the seed, especially after the treatment is carried out because at this stage the seed becomes more fragile.


The passage of the seed in contact with the screw is carried out in the shortest time, only what is necessary to give an excellent homogenization. Grazmec machine screws have flexible and soft ends, from which they protect the seeds from damage.


Another care and detail that Grazmec dedicates to work are to offer machines that make the exact dosages in places designed to receive the product (liquid and/or powder) so that all the seed is treated in a uniform way.


That is why the seeds treated by the Grazmec machines avoid mechanical damage to the seeds (bruises on the seed), increase the emergence and consequently increase the productivity of the crop.


Grazmec says “Well-treated seed produces more”!