TSG 1100 Celebration

TSG 1100 Celebration

– The TSG 1100 kg was developed to carry out the treatment of seeds at the time of planting, reducing the labor and the time of treatment. This equipment is coupled to the tractor and performs the treatment of seeds accurately, with any type of syrup and without causing damage to the seed, due to its design to perform the treatment together with the discharge of the seed through a rubberized screw, which is the single stage of the process.





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Classificação Fiscal: 84368000

Código Finame: 3107690

Equipment works attached to the third point of the tractor and its drive is via cardan, and electronic system with modern control panel;

Tubular chassis and carbon steel tubing with powder coating finish, plastic and stainless elements increase machine life and reduce maintenance costs;

Electronic management of the seed treatment system via the innovative functional panel "Multiplexer System", this one with LCD and backlight;

Display that allows managing the flow of new and modern peristaltic pumps with even more precision during long periods of work, independent of the product little or quite dense;

Interconnected panel via modern "CAN" cable with management module;

The treatment capacity is 150 kg / min (180 bags / hours);

Complete the treatment of the seed, applying micro nutrient, insecticide, fungicide, liquid inoculant and graphite powder or dryer, all in the same operation;

Application of the products is carried out directly on the conveyor screw, providing greater uniformity in the coating of the seed, not even filled with dense syrups;

Semi-thermal tanks for liquid products with a capacity of 20 liters each, with stainless-steel stirrups that avoid decanting the syrup;

It has turbo powder reservoir, which achieves low and high dosages with precision, has internal stirrer and easy cleaning of the post-operation system;

Exclusive platform for powder product supply;

Access to the screw conveyor via lids that facilitate cleaning at the time of variety change;

Rubber coated screw, preventing seed damage;

Automotive standard connectors;

Electronic fuses that protect the system against any short circuit and overload;

LED headlamp positioned on top of the screw, driven via control panel, to illuminate the contour of the machine for night jobs.

Technical features:

  • Height (discharge pipe): 3,21m
  • Height (bulk): 1,87m
  • Width: 2.15m
  • Length: 2,79m
  • Weight (without options): 460kg
  • Weight (with options): 490 kg
  • Screw drive: Cardan via TDP, with radio clutch
  • Screw Opening: Manual
  • Drive system activation: 12-volt radio-operated battery
  • Maximum load capacity: 1,500 liters or 1,100 kg (soybeans)
  • Capacity of treatment: up to 180 * sacks of soy / hour (various according crops)
  • Capacity of liquid tanks: 02 tanks of 20 liters
  • Types of treatment: Liquid, defensive, fungicidal, micronutrient and graphite powder inoculants (optional graphite)
  • Application of products: directly on screw conveyor
  • Required tractor power: 80 hp (with possible front wheel drive)
  • Working speed: 540 rpm
  • Hitch system (transport): 3 points on the tractor
  • Options: Powdered graphite applicator kit, clean water tank.

    * Take out 50 kg