Trailer to carry multiple platforms: TRADITIONAL

Trailer to carry multiple platforms: TRADITIONAL

Tough, practical, versatile and designed to facilitate the transport of corn and soy harvester’s platforms.

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Classificação Fiscal: 87162000

Código Finame: 1919900

  • Easy operation of engagement of latch system (includes a harvester hitch).
  • Innovative and proven robust design which provides the perfect fitting for different platforms types.
  • Signaling system with traffic lights and reflective strips.
  • Adaptable to all terrain types.
  • All available in colors: Green, Yellow, red and graphite.
  • All support points have wheels with one located in the front movable header which guides the movement of traction and facilitates drivability. It can be moved in pavilions with masonry floors with no need for engaging a harvester or tractor.
  • Adjustable universal arms (transport corn and soybean harvester's plataforms).
  • Optional: Rear axle tandem type.
  • Technical Specifications: 20 ', 25, 30' and 30'special.
  • Quantity of support arms: 5 / 6 on 30' specia.
  • Width (maximum): 2.25m
  • Load Capacity (single axle): 2.000kg
  • Load Capacity (with truck): 3.500kg
  • Load Capacity (with tandem): 3.500kg
  • Axis: Single*. Truck or Tandem
  • Rims 15" or 16"
  • Transport speed (maximum): 25 km/h
  • Quantity of ratchet straps: 2 units.
  • Colors: yellow, gray, green and red.
  • Recommended tires (optional): agricultural tires: 6.5R10 / 7.0R15 / 6.5R16,7.0R16,7.5R16
  • *The 30' Traditional Trailer Line has no single axle configuration (only truck and tandem types).

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