Roçadeira Química – CAMPO LIMPO

Roçadeira Química – CAMPO LIMPO


The machine that controls weeds in the pasture.

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Classificação Fiscal: 84248119

Código Finame: 2552198

With exclusive technology from EMBRAPA (Brasilian governamental institute), the Campo Limpo is designed for the selective control of weeds, including invasive grasses.

  • Reduces the risk of drifting because it does not spray, only humidifies the plant.
  • 200 liter polythene tank is corrosion-resistant and offers great work autonomy.
  • Reduces the risk of drift (only humidifies the plant)
  • Equipped with a pump with electronic flow regulator, allowing precise regulation according to the level of infestation.
  • Working height between 5 and 70 cm
  • Wheels system designed to allow application close to fences, walls and bushes.
  • Height adjustment is made with a crown and pinion, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Optional Foam Marker: Reduces application crashes and crashes.
  • Width: 4 m
  • Useful working width: 3.8 m
  • Working height: 5 to 70 cm
  • Maximum length: 2,5 m
  • Weight (without foam marker): 300 kg
  • Capacity of the tank of the syrup: 200 l
  • Metering pump: peristaltic pump with flow rate up to 2 l / min
  • Rings: 13 "
  • Tires: 165x70-13
  • Working speed: Ideal between 4 and 7 km / hour (Max 10 km / hour)
  • Optional: Electric Foam Marker