Papa Terra – Niveladora Hidráulica

Papa Terra – Niveladora Hidráulica
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Classificação Fiscal: 84328000

Código Finame: 3107678

The Papa-Terra Hydraulic Leveler is designed for general ground leveling work, road improvement work, construction and wide base repair.

  • Robust design and split chassis for easy transport;
  • Blade rotation setting is highly enhanced;
  • Center shaft features sintered self-lubricating bushings that increase durability;
  • Your blade has two large welded sections which create excellent resistance to the effort exerted by the work. A major differential of the blade is its calendered construction which provides the rolling of the earth in the direction of the tractor's displacement, considerably reducing the ground that may fall behind the blade requiring further operation.

Blade width: 4m

Overall length: 5.5m without tires

Total weight: 1,220 kg without tires

Hydraulic wheel cylinder: diameter 3.1 / 2 "

Hydraulic cylinder inclination blade: diameter3 "

Height of calendered blade: 63cm

Tires and rims: configuration with 7.5x16 \ "or 14.9x24 \"

Working speed: 2 to 6 km / h

Razor: Screwed / Reversible

Auxiliary weight: 350kg

Tractor hydraulic control: double

Required tractor power: 90 to 140 hp

Iron Wheel: optional