MTS 120 Spray System Alongada Celebration

MTS 120 Spray System Alongada Celebration

The Seed Treatment Machine MTS 120 Spray System represents a new concept in seed treatment, because it has an exclusive impeller disc treatment system (patent application) that provides optimum coverage with low dosage of products.

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Classificação Fiscal: 84368000

Código Finame: 1919923

  • Innovative design with tubular chassis, provides even more robustness and facilitates post-operation cleaning.
  • Extension of the extended straw, providing more homogenization.
  • The longest straw has an important influence on its design to meet the demand for higher doses of syrup applied to the seed, aiding in drying.
  • Turbo powder with higher volumetric capacity and higher flow of traditional graphite and dry powder.
  • Larger tank capacity with liquid reservoirs of 60 liters each.
  • With all these attributes of greater capacity, the machines work with reduced set-up, allowing the installation of all the options related to the logistics of the seed as a lung silo and trolley of the treated bags.
  • Side access platform to feed and inspect the upper reservoirs in the straw.
  • Optional remote control.  
  • Electronic management of the seed treatment system via the innovative "Multiplexer System" functional panel, with LCD and blacklight;
  • Display that allows you to manage peristaltic pump flow even more accurately during long periods of work;
  • Interconnected panel via modern "CAN SAE-J1939" cable with management module;
  • Automotive standard connectors;
  • Electronic fuses that protect the system against any short circuit and overload;
  • Weight: 472 kg
  • Height: 2.24 m
  • Width: 1.18 m
  • Length: 3,26 m
  • Treatment capacity: 120 bags / hour (6,000 kg / hour with continuous flow) soy
  • Standard items: 02 liquid reservoirs / 01 liquid electric box / 01 electric powder box / 01 graphite powder box
  • Height of the liquid tank: 1,12m
  • Net shell diameter: 0.42m
  • Liquid reservoir capacity: 60 liters each
  • Processing trigger: Digital
  • Types of treatment: LIQUIDS: Inoculants, defenses, fungicides, micronutrients. POWDER: Drying powder, graphite.
  • Voltage: single-phase 110/220 v
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Options: Front bracket with carts for bags / Silo lung (1500 kg or 3000 kg)

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