Kit tratamento de sementes AV500

Kit tratamento de sementes AV500
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Classificação Fiscal: 84368000

Código Finame: 2360369

The High Flow 500 Spray System (AV500) treatment kit was developed to treat seed at the time of planting, reducing labor and treatment time.

Only kit that performs the complete treatment of the seed, applying micro-nutrient, insecticide, inoculant, fungicide and graphite in just one operation.

Semi-thermal tanks for liquid products with a capacity of 60 liters, with stirrups that prevent decanting of the syrup.

Independent peristaltic pumps that allow accurate dosing of dense and liquid products.

Wireless remote control for the drive, reduces the number of people involved in the treatment.

Electronic dosing control, greater ease of regulation and application accuracy.

Tubes with quick-fit lids, making it easy to clean when changing a variety. Helicoid coated with rubber avoiding the breaking of grains.

Application of the products carried out by atomizers in the helicoid, providing greater uniformity in seed coverage (not even filled with dense syrups).

Graphite powder kit that performs precise application and ensures perfect lubrication of the planter.

Grain discharge height of 4.8m.

Independent hydraulic unit.

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  • Compatible binders for installation: Jan only (17,000 - 20,000 - 25,000)
  • Available Settings:

    * Dry planter supply, graphite only;

    * Planter supply with inoculation and graphite;

    * Supply of planters with inoculation, treatment and graphite.

    • Useful discharge height: 4.8m.
    • Weight (without packaging): 750kg (complete kit).
    • Dry discharge capacity: up to 500 kg / min (600 bags / hour).
    • Discharge capacity with treatment: up to 420 kg / min (504 bags / hour).
    • Helicoid drive: hydraulic motor 80 liters / minute with electric valve actuated via radio.
    • Types of treatment: Liquid, defensive, fungicidal, micronutrient and graphite powder inoculants.
    • Activation of the treatment system: 12 volt (tractor) battery operated via radio.
    • Application of the products: 02 atomizers directly on the helicoid conveyor.
    • Capacity of the liquid tank: 02 tanks of 60 liters each.
    • Capacity of the clean water tank: 01 tank of 20 liters.
    • Serial Items:

      Hydraulic opening of the grain gate;

      Hydraulic opening of the discharge pipe;

      Radio remote control system;

      Graphite powder applicator;

      Hydraulic control;

      Hydraulic Pressure Filter;

      Rubberized helicoid;

      Hydraulic unit.

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