GV 500i Spray System

GV 500i Spray System

The GV500i is the ideal solution for the industrial treatment of seeds, as it provides a treatment with excellent coverage on the grain, with high productivity, using precise dosages without waste, through the well-known Spray System Grazmec.

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Classificação Fiscal: 84368000

Código Finame: 3192543

  • Innovative homogenization chamber system.
  • Treatment chamber, homogenization chamber and other components of contact with seeds and treatment made of stainless steel.
  • Electronic dosing system.
  • Ideal equipment for UBS (Seed Processing Unit).
  • * IBCs mixers sold separately.

  • Width: 1,25m
  • Height: 2,95m
  • Length: 3,90m
  • Weight (approx.): 1,150kg
  • Liquid reservoir height: 1,20m
  • Liquid reservoir capacity: 100 liters each
  • Treatment capacity: 500kg / min (30,000 kg / hour with continuous flow soy)
  • Triggering the treatment system: Analog or Digital.
  • Treatment chamber drive: 1CV three-phase electric motor.
  • Homogenization chamber drive: 1.5CV electric motor.
  • Types of treatment: Liquids: inoculants, defenses, fungicides, micronutrients. Powder: Graphite and secants.
  • Application of liquid products: Treatment chamber.
  • Application of the powders: Homogenization chamber.
  • Voltage: Three-phase 380V.


    • IBC´s mixer sold separately
    • Number of liquid reservoirs (max 4 units);

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