Seed treatment machine, ideal for large properties.

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Classificação Fiscal: 84368000

Código Finame: 1445936

  • Innovative design with tubular chassis provides even more robustness and facilitates post operation cleaning;
  • Extension of long straw providing even more homogenization;
  • greater extent tube has important influences in its design to meet the demand for higher Calpa dosages applied to seed, helping the drying;
  • Vacuum turbo with larger volume capacity and greater flow of the traditional graphite and drying powder;
  • Greater syrup capacity with 60 liter tanks each;
  • With all these attributes higher capacity machines work with reduced setup, allowing the installation of all optional facing the seed of logistics as the silo lung and moving carts the treated bags;
  • Side Platform access to food and inspection of the upper reservoirs in straw;
  • Optional remote control;
  • Electronic Management of the treatment system of seeds via innovative functional panel "Multiplexer System", this LCD and blacklight;
  • Display that lets you manage the flow of peristaltic pumps with even more precision over long periods of work;
  • Panel interconnected modern cable via "CAN SAE-J1939" with manager module;
  • Connectors automotive standards;
  • electronic fuses that protect the system against short circuits and overload;
  • Meets the safety standard of work NR12.
  • Weight: 670 kg
  • Height: 2.25 m
  • Width: 1,15 m
  • Length: 3,65 m
  • Treatment capacity: 240 bags / hour (12,000 kg / hour with continuous flow) soy
  • Standard items: 03 liquid reservoirs / 01 electric powder / 01 graphite box
  • Height of the liquid tank: 1,12m
  • Liquid tank diameter: 0.42m
  • Liquid reservoir capacity: 60 liters each
  • Processing trigger: Digital
  • Types of treatment: LIQUIDS: Inoculants, defenses, fungicides, micronutrients. POWDER: Drying powder, graphite.
  • Voltage: 3-phase 380 v
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Options: Front bracket with carts for bags / Silo lung (1500 kg or 3000 kg)

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