Guincho Traseiro 2,0 Ton Lança Longa

Guincho Traseiro 2,0 Ton Lança Longa
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Classificação Fiscal: 84328000

Código Finame: 2829642

Developed to facilitate the movement of loads and big-bags on properties;

In both operations and transportation, use the three hydraulic points on the tractor;

The tires allow you to operate with greater safety and efficiency, because they relieve the hydraulic lift of the Tractor;

They can be operated only with the hook or with the four-pointed cross special for big-bag;

The 2.000kg model has a regulation of the distance between tires, allowing greater safety in the handling of the load;

The models have a safety valve built into the hydraulic lift cylinder;

Extendor set for tractor attachment (third point)

Safety valve for take-up cylinder;

Wheels with spinning fork;

Available in red color;

  • Maximum load capacity: 2,000 kg
  • Maximum lift height: 6,0 m
  • Minimum lift height: 0,90 m
  • Tower height: 3.52 m
  • Approximate weight (without tires): 800 kg
  • Angle of rotation: 90 degrees (45 degrees for each side)
  • Distance (width between wheels): Adjustable 2.68 m - 2.97 m - 3.28 m
  • Overall width (maximum): 3.72m
  • Tires (optional): 11L15 "
  • Minimum tractor power: 70 hp