Carreto Para Transporte de Plataforma MASTER

Carreto Para Transporte de Plataforma MASTER



Sturdy, practical, versatile, and designed to facilitate the transport of large combines decks.

Easy operation of coupling system (includes an attachment for the harvester).

Innovative and proven robust design provides a perfect accommodation of different plataforms types.

The trailer is reinforced by two bars that are strategically mounted under the chassis avoiding any possible bend.

Specific supports for different plataforms models.

Signaling system with traffic lights and reflective strips;

Adaptable to all terrain types;

The header guides the trailer as the towing equipment moves (tractor, harvester,etc);

Front wheels works in tandem with the header wich guide the wheels through steering rods.

Configured for 35´ and 40´platforms.

Available in colors: green, yellow, red,grafitti .

Trailer 35 FOOT - Trailer 40 FOOT:

Weight approx. without tires: 1321 kg - 1321 kg

Maximum load capacity: 4500 kg - 4500 kg

Maximum working speed: 10 km / h - 10 km / h

Useful length: 11,3 m - 12,6 m

Total length: variable (m) Total length: variable (m)

Number of support brackets: 04 units Number of support brackets: 02 units

Maximum width: 2.65 m Maximum width: 2.65 m

Wheelbase: 7.7 m Wheelbase: 7.7 m


Master Line: Aro 16